The Song Of Whales

Creation 2017

Song & Shadow Theater

All ages from 4 years old

To quit her mom too early it is like quit her country for ever.

A part of yourself stays suspended in the air without knowing where it can goes.

"If I did not know my mum, where is my home ? Where do I come from ? Where do I go ?"

A young girl invite to a travel throughout

her souvenirs. a question which could be very simple

as appearences "where is your home?" becomes a starting point

for her quest, from her untypical path around the world to

find her country of origin.

Following the rhythms of songs which filled her road, we go along,

accompanied with the one who tell, for a journey

in an images, lullabies and shadow imaginary world.

A tale, filled with humors,

delicately addressing the exile theme with the gentleness of a lullaby.

Production Cie Histoire de / Co-production Riz soufflé production

Accompagnement en résidence : Vélo Théâtre - scène conventionnée Théâtre d'objets - Apt

Éveil Artistique - scène conventionnée pour le Jeune Public - Avignon / Théâtre de la Rotonde - Avignon Partenaires en préachats : Médiathèque Vinon-sur-Verdon 04 / la Gare de Coustellet 84 /                                  

La ligue de l'enseignement - Dignes - 04 / Théâtre Luteva - Lodève - 34 / Collectif Sayzel - Chateaurenard - 13

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The Song of whales

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