Since its creation and parallely to its creation work, the Theater Company has led cultural actions towards territorial, young audience, and during organized tours. 

The company engages itself into several form of practices and artistic expressions.
It goes from school activities to laboratory work. Besides this particular research towards a targeted audiences, the company share with other ones plastic art workshops (cardboard, origami, animated books)
We do have ethical values through our workshop and tend to display recycling as well as recovering.
Those workshops can be for both children and adolescents - but can also be adapted towards adults.

Through these activities, the theater company expressed its desire of getting involved into a territorial cause as well as on venues where the company plays, by sharing projects on artistic transmission towards inhabitants. It is also offered a special time to gather with artists and audience to get a special view on the creation but also the possibility of getting social link with younger ones, necessary in social cohesion within a territory.


To get further details on the workshops - please contact us +33 (0)6 09 51 64 53

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