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Creation in theatre in a laboratory of permanent invention, influences, exchanges and practices and in this sense it appears as a necessity to continue to extend relations by fruitful artistic colaborations

Nolwenn Le Doth

Graduated from the Conservatoire in Avignon, directed by Jean-Yves Picq in 2012. She was one of the creator of the Collectif Le Bleu d’Armand in Lyon, in which she has been creating 5 shows already. In the meantime, she followed several traineeships, with Hélène Cinque, Célie Pauthé, Dieudonné Niangouna and Olivier Py. She also collaborated with numerous productions : TAC theater Trilogie les enfants d’Entrées (produced by Cyril Cotinaut), with the theater company Drôle d’équipage Voisinages (produced by Yves Nedd), and the theater company from Les Clownettes et Carmen de la Cancion. She also participated at the Toxic Villages produced by Nicolas Bonneau and Anne Marcel, at the Common people from Jean Martens and Lukas Dhont. Parallely, she developed songs within the Arteteca group with Lilia Ruocco - polyphonic, and at the musical institut from Salon de Provence - Jazz and contemporary music. In 2016, she joined the theater company Histoire De to co-produce and to integrate the artistic team for the Chant des Baleines (The song of Wales), as an actress.

Katia Kovacic

Sound and documentary filmaker, she works on creating sound-documentaries on plenty of subjects. She also hosts workshops in this field towards a various public (children, adults, people in need.

Fabien Cartalade

Degrees from the Conservatoire fo Carpentras. Musician, composer, poly-instrumentalist (trumpet, drums, guitar and MAO), it is during his path, that he met serveral style of music : rock, jazz, funk and works with numerous artists : Negresses Vertes, Raoul, Petite, Les Robertes, Gaïo, … to finally dedicated himself to theatre and worked with companies such as Les Aventures d'Ormona, Vélo Théâtre. With many resources and creativity, Fabien worked on Le Chat des Baleines (the Song of whales) and la Balle perdue (the Lost ball)

José Lopez

For the Song of Wales, enlighten shadow was an issue we encounter, that is how we called in his experiences. Technical manager and light manager since more than 20 years, with particularly the theater company Velo theatre, José is also very helpful for the creation of our “lamp-object” which we use to create shadow. He also collaborated on light for all shows of the company.

Tania Casting and Charlot Lemoine

The company Velo Theatre has been crossing the world since more than 30 years spreading its imaginary and poetic visions on the road. A mine of inspiration for Sabrina Lambert, who worked 13 years for them, keeping their artistic universe as influence. For scenography, object theater, their external and relevant advices were precious. A collaboration very enriching, which goes in continuity and need to renewed in the future.

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