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The theater company « Cie Histoire  De » was created in 2011 by Sabrina Lambert and Fanny Farel for an artistic project dedicated to families, known as La Balle Perdue.

A multidisciplinary theatre

The theater group tend to adjust their play for young generations through pluri-disciplinary forms, mixing dance, song and both object and shadow theater. As taste is constituted from several savors, its inspiration comes from many languages. Indeed, their disciplines are meld into something to create their own way to communicate. There are the body, the voice, the materials, the aesthetic, the symbolism. The plastic construction is the focus of this particular work. Those scripts get invented through music, songs, images, but also within their emotional workload. Because Theater is a place of hope and utopia, in that way the communication towards the public never loose a sense of lightness, the wish to communicate with humor, love, unpretentiously and with generosity.

Fanny Farel, aka « cardboard Fanny ». She works as a plastic artist using as main material : cardboard. Following a recycling philosophy, every pieces of cardboard are turn into some incredible day-to-day object, which are then used as scenographic tools. Dance is another activity Fanny practices, by which she met numerous choreographers, such as Christine Fricker in Marseille, Marie-Hélène Desmaris in Aix-en-Provence, and Renatta Bellini for a tour in Italia.

​Sabrina Lambert comes from theater that she has been practicing since 16 years (Théâtre du Contretemps, Vélo Théâtre, Collectif Sayzel, …). She also get interested in dance since her early childhood (traineeships with Sharon Fridman, André Sitter). In 2013, she met, set her minds and developed songs (Les Castafiores Bazooka, Opéra comique, …). Because creation is movement and goes limitless for her last project "Le chant des Baleines" (the song of Whales) - she discovered plastic creation for the scenography and shadow theater. 

Address younger audience

“ Aiming at making the world a better place, what a pretension ! But if we think it more in depth, what is more natural and important as a whole?

Because the world of tomorrow would be done by children from today, because education and culture are the only gentle peaceful weapons against fear and ignorance, and because there are the only one we desire to use.

Because dialogue has to start very early. Because the memories which filled our adult's soul are a print of what was giving to us since our early childhood. It is an audience, in which plays develop real languages, sincerity and relations as well as sensibility which is all about.
Besides representations, we stand for associating young generation to our process by proposing creation laboratories, to show that transmission is at the heart of sharing, and that sharing is at the heart of our theatre."

Address larger public

"If relations are as much important for us, it seems obvious that establishing a relation with young generation means to address ourself to a larger audience. In such way, our approach is all about sharing and creating relation. By offering, in our shows multiple levels of interpretations - among the ages, origins, considering the hard access to cultural events for some, … we try to gather our principles to create a full sense of sharing and creativity around theatre."


"Creating dreams, giving them to whom want to receive it, the smile we miss is to often inner our day-to-day live.

An unstoppable wish to carry a look on the world, to question it and to share it with the audience here, now in the present instant."

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